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Buildings and interiors pose a challenge: a challenge of perspective, of lighting, and of timing. One cannot just shoot a building when they have time. They have to watch the building to see what time of day the light hits it in just the right way for the particular mood of the desired photograph. Interiors pose the same difficulties. What quality are you looking for in the window light? Should the area feel large or small? These are some of the problems a great photographer can solve for a client.


Photographic services offered by the Steve Marsel Studio:

Advertising Photography
Annual Report Photography
Architectural Photography
Assignment Photography
Brochures Photography
Black & White Photography
Celebrity Photography
Commercial Photography
Corporate Photography
Creative Photography
Digital Photography
Digital Retouching
Editorial Photography
Environmental Portrait Photography
Exterior Architectural Photography
Fashion Photography
Food Photography
Groups Photography
Headshot Photography
Industrial Photography
Interior Architectural Photography
Location Photography
Magazine Photography
Outdoor Photographer
Photo Illustration
Portrait Photography
Product Photography
Public Service Photography
Sports Photography
Stock Photography
Studio Photography
Travel Photography
Website Photography

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