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Edmund Hillary Meets Boston Photographer Steve Marsel

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Boston Photographer Steve Marsel Asks: Sir Edmund Hillary Redux?


The Fiction….

Boston wedding photographers were out shooting “for fun”.  Marsel spotted what he was sure was a “dead” ringer for famed New Zealand mountaineer, explorer  Sir Edmund Hillary. Sir Edmund” was the first mountaineer to climb Mt. Everest. His purpose? A supply mission before attempting to summit the peaks in New England’s Presidential Range this summer.  Steve Marsel asked the “Sir Edmund” lookalike was asked about persistent rumors that Hillary Clinton had been named after him. “Pure Rubbish” he retorted! Sir Edmund climbed Mt Everest six years after Hillary Clinton was born!
Taken by Boston Photographer Steve Marsel of Steve Marsel Productions with an iPhone SE

Sir Edmund Hillary Redux?

Fiction & Photo by Steve Marsel


The Facts

May 29, 1953 AD, the day the world remembers as historic, because something impossible was finally made possible. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa conquered the worlds Highest peak, the Mount Everest, after several attempts made by earlier mountaineers could change that dream into reality. The 60 million years old and 29035 feet peak was finally ascended by a beekeeper from New Zealand and a Sherpa from Nepal which today sounds like a folklore. Even after half a century of that feat of mankind, history repeats itself every year in May 29, as people from around world converge at the foot of the Himalaya to celebrate that momentous ascent, and take part in the infamous Everest Marathon.


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