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Marsel’s Greenwich Library Video

Monday, April 18th, 2016

Greenwich Library – Not Your Grandmother’s Library

Greenwich Library located in Greenwich Connecticut is at the top of its game. But in the age of computers, online resources, and Google, why do we need libraries? That question is answered in spades with Steve Marsel’s unscripted video “Greenwich Library – Window onto the World”  in which library patrons speak of their beloved library. These personal stories, spoken from the heart, tell how the library is not just the center of their community, but packs the muscle and resources to bring a community of all ages together. Both a blessing and a curse for Marsel, the conundrum was how to tell the story of an institution so diverse in less than four minutes. “There were just too many topics to cover” Marsel lamented as his edit began.   Through their own words the library is elevated to the place where it resides in the hearts and minds of the Greenwich residents “the crown jewel of Greenwich”.



Under the direction of Director of Development Nancy L. Klein of The Greenwich Library, Marsel interviewed over 22 patrons over two days where he asked for and received accounts of their personal experiences detailing how the library had changed their lives in brought a community together. It becomes all too clear that the Greenwich Library is very different and is held in the highest esteem by its patrons. Marsel’s video leaves us envious of this very fortunate community and wanting to connect with our own library.

The original music written by singer-songwriter Matthew Pynn is a cross between The Byrds “Turn! Turn! Turn!”and Bob Dylan’s classic style harmonica chorus. It was specifically written to trigger an emotional reaction to the target audience in the 50 to 65-year-olds. The music sells the video tapping into the nostalgia of youth, simpler and happier times. The video on the music shine a light on what must be one of the most diverse and beloved libraries in the land – and rightly so!


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