ICE HOLES – Minnesota Cover-Up!


Minnesota Cover-Up!

On Location with ICE HOLES Series Creator Steve Marsel

Steve Marsel - ICE HOLES, Minnesota Cover-Up

Steve Marsel – ICE HOLES, Minnesota Cover-Up

Shot on Gull lake, Brainerd, Minnesota.

This photograph taken on location on the set of National Geographic Channel’s ICE HOLES by Series Creator & Executive Producer Steve Marsel  Saturday, January 25th, 2014 on Gull lake in Brainerd, Minnesota.   This was taken during the filming of ICE HOLES Episode 108 – “Minnesota Freezout. I don’t think I will ever be able to convey through a still photo the ind=credible pain one feels when the temperature 0s -20F and the wind is blowing!     This is a photo of cast member Alex Plummer.  Notice how little skin is exposed to the air.  You’re probably saying he’s OK, look at how bundled up he is.  WRONG.  There is virtually  o way to protect yourself from these frigid temperatures!     It’s really painful.   I’m hoping that when you look at this photo, you have a clue about just how cold it was!  ICE HOLES airs Fridays on National Geographic Channel. For more of Steve Marsel’s Photography, please visit  [addlink url=”” text=”Steve Marsel Studio”]

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