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Boston photographer Steve Marsel, is a skilled industrial photographer and location photographer who works with a wide variety of industry professionals to fill their photographic needs for projects such as trade magazines, trade show graphics, advertising, annual reports, scientific journals, R&D project documentation, reports, and analysis projects.

Steve understands that industrial photography demands a high level of technical skill as well as imagination. His dynamic location photography will distinguish your particular industry contribution from that of the competition. Steve's Boston industrial photography allows your business to show what it does best and communicate its core values whether you work in R&D, construction, alternative energy, oil & gas, nuclear energy, shipbuilding, medical device, manufacturing, farming, or the electronics industry.

Boston industrial photographer Steve Marsel is flexible and will travel to your preferred location locally in the Boston or New England area or nationally, capturing dramatic imagery such as the architecture of large plants and facilities, or the mesmerizing nature of small, complex mechanisms like portable electronics and intricate circuitry. He is also particularly skilled at working the human element as well as natural landscapes and location photography into large- and small-scale industrial photos for use in corporate brochures and annual reports. Steve is well-practiced at capturing people on location in their corporate and industrial settings, whether you prefer to use actual employees or professional models.

As an industrial photographer Steve brings a high level of professionalism as well as confidentiality to his work in industrial photography and location photography. This is often a concern for cutting-edge contemporary industries and government clients that wish to document their models and analyses, facilitate equipment development and deployment, or scout locations for future structures, such as offshore oil rigs, windmills, and reactors.

Boston photographer Steve Marsel can provide support for your company's complete photographic needs and document its industrial heritage. He is a veteran industrial photographer who uses sophisticated techniques and advanced digital imaging technologies to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and with discretion. Whether you seek specific project publicity, powerful annual report imagery, or imaginative, people-oriented industrial stock photos, Steve is responsive and will work with you to meet your specific industry needs. Feel free to contact him today.

I now specialize in Boston industrial photography, architectural photography, and color digital photography.

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