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people on location

Boston photographer Steve Marsel is a veteran travel photographer specializing in people on location. While based in Boston, MA, Steve often travels regionally throughout New England to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine as well as across the U.S. to capture subjects in their native work or leisure environments. As a location photographer, Steve Marsel has captured subjects on cruises, ski slopes, bike trails, in sports arenas, and even in performance. He also shoots subjects in action within conventional business locations such as meetings, seminars, industrial worksites, or corporate conventions. Steve can even customize your preferred location to editorialize based on your specific needs for people photography, such as imagery for use in annual reports, advertising and corporate brochures.

An award-winning Boston photographer, Steve Marsel is skilled in detailed retouching as well as sophisticated photo illustration techniques. Steve captures people on location with ease and mastery. This type of flawless, believable people photography can help you, your business, and/or your clients communicate key messages and values.

With 25 years of professional experience and more than 4,000 projects behind him, Steve is experienced in capturing people on location—he has photographed Godfather of Soul James Brown as well as local leaders and professional models on location. A skilled travel photographer, Steve Marsel is passionate about the creative energy and possibilities within the area of location photography and environmental portraiture. Such evocative imagery is perfect for annual reports, trade magazines, travel and tourism brochures, publicity portfolios, product catalogs, and more.

Shooting people on location offers unique benefits, especially given photographer Steve Marsel's skills in people photography. Location can add great commentary to describe the subject of the shot. If the subject lacks animation or is camera-shy, Steve can use location elements to allow the subject to avoid the camera while revealing key aspects of themselves (as well as your business and/or products at the same time). The location can even become the personality of the subject and both can collaborate to communicate the desired message. When Boston photographer Steve Marsel shoots people on location, distractions are minimized and you gain a unique view into the subject and overall product.

Whether you are seeking executive portraiture on location for annual reports and brochures or wish to better advertise your pleasure cruise or day spa by capturing professional models on location, Boston location photographer Steve Marsel offers sophisticated shots of people on location to meet your professional needs. Steve facilitates comfortable professional relationships with both subjects and clients. He gets the job done efficiently and within budget. As a travel photographer, Steve Marsel also has a host of professionals such as hair stylists, makeup artists, location scouts, production coordinators and casting agents available to assist in better meeting your professional photographic needs. Please contact the Steve Marsel Studio for more information.

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