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Steve Marsel, Boston photographer, specializes in travel photography and location photography for the travel and tourism industry. His client base includes the restaurants, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, spas, as well as eco-tourism providers. Steve is equally skilled in color digital photography and black and white photography, though he prefers the diversity and creativity of working with color digital photos.

A Boston travel photographer, Steve Marsel produces professional location photography and works as a location photographer and travel photographer for annual reports, print advertising, product advertising, and brochures. Steve enjoys shooting indoor and outdoor photographs that evoke a strong sense of place, ranging from the local to the exotic. Steve routinely travels to assignment destinations regionally, nationally, and internationally throughout the year capturing, for example, the serenity of a secluded beach spa, the exciting nightlife within a casino, the tantalizing dishes of a downtown bistro, or the excitement of slicing through fresh powder at a ski resort. His goal is to provide you, his clients, with the highest quality photographs available on the market. Professional photographer Steve Marsel has worked on location and in studios to produce assignments with the highest level of professionalism.

As a travel photographer, Steve Marsel shoots Boston travel photos as well photographs from diverse locales. A New England photographer, Steve enjoys capturing imagery from the greater metropolitan Boston area, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine, as well as New York City, New York State, and the tri-state area. His portfolio of travel photography features a diverse array of subjects, including people, food, landmarks, cityscapes, rural landscapes, architectural structures, and interiors. His evocative photos can attract more customers and take your business to a new level, whether you offer pleasure cruises to the tropics, outdoor adventures, relaxing yoga retreats, wine tasting tours, or are simply opening your first restaurant and wish to highlight your particular cuisine and dining atmosphere.

Location photographer Steve Marsel is versatile and not tied down to Boston photography only. Having expert communication skills and a desire to travel widely, Steve will travel to your preferred destination, producing photos on location that create a strong sense of place within your printed collateral, which may include advertisements, trade magazines (airline magazines, restaurant publications, spa listings, etc.), annual reports, and brochures. Whether you desire dramatic scenes or subtle, understated imagery, photographer Steve Marsel will create a variety of custom travel photos, location portraiture, and outdoor photographs to meet your needs.

A location photographer based in Boston, Steve’s unique photographic style enables him to create a powerful sense of place and capture the true character of a subject in diverse environments. Massachusetts photographer Steve Marsel also enjoys using travel photography to recast and reframe well-known landmarks and cultural institutions, helping you achieve a fresh perspective in your business publications. Whether you wish to photograph your product in a unique location, create a dramatic annual report, use vibrant outdoor photography for a print advertisement, creatively reposition your business’s perceived relationship to the natural world, or demonstrate your brand’s commitment to the environment, Boston photographer Steve Marsel will deliver premiere location photography and travel photos to meet your needs.

Active in the community, Steve excels in creating evocative travel photographs and location photos that depict subjects in enhanced, native, or natural environments, capturing the essence of a particular locale and transporting the viewer to another place and time. Such techniques can be readily used to help your company reach a new client base or meet fundraising objectives, for example. Vibrant travel and location photography can also help your company quickly and accurately communicate core values such as commitment to innovation, diversity, global citizenship, and social change.

Massachusetts photographer Steve Marsel has worked diligently with non-profit and for-profit businesses to visually demonstrate their commitment to customers, board members, and stock holders in annual reports, product brochures, company profiles, direct mail, and printed catalogs. Photographer Steve Marsel has a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service when working as your location and travel photographer. Steve is readily available to consult with you about your custom travel and location photography needs.

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